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Existing FAA TYPE CERTIFICATE for Jetcruzer450 will simplify certification process and reduce time significantly providing marketplace advantage over other electric aircraft projects.

We are determined to go back on NASDAQ and looking for investors who wants to join our journey!!

Electric Jetcruzer Plan and feasibility

Jetcruzer retrofitting is planned for both the Jetcruzer 450 and 500 models in different capacities.

Jetcruzer 450

For the Jetcruzer 450,  we will install an electric motor and power by fuel Cell.   Since 450 has a type certificate, it will only require a Supplemental Type Certificate(STC) to put 450 in service.   Estimated range will be 500 miles and we will be able to offer Cargo and trainer versions.

Jetcruzer 500

For the Jetcruzer 500, we will Install an electric motor and power by a Hybrid system – APU/with Battery Package. 500 model will have a pressurized Cabin and de-icing capability. Estimated range will be 1500 miles and we will be able to offer cargo and trainer versions.

500 has already completed most major certification tests. 



The original Jetcruzer design began in March 1983 with aerodynamic design undertaken in the UK by Sandy Burns from 1984-1985, layout prepared by Ladislao Pazmany, structural design undertaken by David Kent of Light Transport Design in the UK, and the wind tunnel test done by University of San Diego. Prototype construction started in June 1988 and was first exhibited at the NBAA show in October 1988 with a 420 horsepower Rolls Royce 250-C20S engine.

The first flight of the Jetcruzer 450 forerunner was 11 January 1989 (N5369M). Preproduction prototype (N102JC) made its first flight in April 1991 while the first flight on production form (N450JC) was done on September 13 1992. Jetcruzer 450 received its Federal Aviation Regulations Part 23 certification on 14 June, 1994 and was intending on receiving a single-engine FAA Part 135 public transport IFR certification.


The prototype Jetcruzer 500 (N102JC modified from 450) made its first flight on August 22, 1997 with the second prototype (N200JC, modified from 450 N450JC) making its first flight on 7 November 1997. The first public appearance was at NBAA Las Vegas 19October 1998. The third prototype (N136JC) of the new build was scheduled to be flown in early 2000. FAA pressurization test certificate was awarded in June 2000 to the second prototype. Total Orders: 188.

Company closed and all the aircraft properties and intellectual properties were sold to Mike Spearman in 2004.  Victor Tao bought it from Mike Spearman in 2016 and started Jetcruzer International, LLC. 


A Jetcruzer 500 was restored with new avionics, electrical wirings and a new engine.


Canard layout, spin-resistant design, high speed, short field T-O/Landing performance, rear mounted main wing, tip mounted fins, unswept foreplane. Compared to the prototype, production Jetcruzer 500 has a 10 in.

fuselage stretch, the addition of fuel-carrying strakes at wing roots with 34 degrees sweepback, 17 in nose extension to allow forward retraction of the nose wheel, and vertical tail surfaces canted 5 degrees inboard to improve aileron control.

Management Team

victor_c (3).jpg

Victor Tao

CEO and Founder

30 Years in aerospace, airline, MRO

brandon_c01 (2).jpg

Brandon Hoff


Head of Engineering,

15 years in aerospace

jonathan_c01 (2).jpg

Jonathan Garza

General Manager,

USMC Aviation 5 Years,

4 years with Jetcruzer

tom_c01 (2).jpg

Tom Miyano

Vice President,

20 years in aerospace

Key Members

The advantage of electric planes vs turbo prop plane

  • Low engine cost.

  • Electric motors are much more reliable than turbine engines.

  • Extremely low maintenance cost. 

  • Electric motor does not need maintenance like a turbine engine.

  • Environmentally friendly.



Jetcruzer International LLC (former name: Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures Inc) was listed on NASDAQ as "AASI" and we are determined to go public again with our aircrafts using latest technology.   



37350 Sky Canyon Drive Bld 30 Hangar 14 Murrietta, CA 92563

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